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What does the CAD do?

The Contemporary Art Digest, The CAD, tells the stories of enriching works of art by contemporary artists at various stages of their careers with the hope of inspiring a cultural shift toward increased public awareness and appreciation of the arts.

How do you do this?

The Contemporary Art Digest offers curated daily posts of artists’ work and produces approachable, intimate portraits of artists through interviews, studio visit journals, and printed matter. 

How does this support artists?

By exposing new audiences to work by living artists and initiating community-based art inquiry online and in print, the CAD connects contemporary artists, the galleries and organizations that represent them, and art audiences around the globe.

We hope that the publicity we create for artists is a stepping-stone toward forging the relationships that sustain their careers long-term. Our aim is to create a culture shift toward increased public support for the arts with the dream of making it increasingly feasible to dedicate one’s life to this field amidst an abundance of opportunities. We're inspired to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and encourage that those with access to resources support artists generously. 

What does this offer the public?

Our effort to foster increased public awareness about living contemporary artists delivers enriching works of art to the eyes and lives of the people who are fed by it.

Furthermore, the CAD offers original perspectives into the careers of artists beyond those whose names you might already recognize. This commitment to representation stems from the belief that art made from a variety of perspectives and experiences makes the conversations that stem from it more vital, and an acknowledgement that it requires an intentional restructuring of power in order to see this work in more mainstream networks.

We know fostering public familiarity with contemporary art and artists is only possible if we bring art- related content to wider audiences in the spaces they already frequent, rather than expecting them to show up to one of many “art worlds.”

What vision(s) does your work support?

We envision an art world in which artists are respected, supported, and financially secure. We recognize artists’ role as cultural laborers and dream of an economy in which their contributions are valued as crucial to societal growth and imagination.

We refuse to accept the notion that art only serves the wealthy or highly educated and strive to balance making art more mainstream widely accessible without compromising what makes it radical. What if people cared about art education as much as internet memes and other forms of mainstream culture and entertainment? 

We dream that someday people interested in learning about contemporary art would think of the CAD as a resource for this self-education. We are in the modest beginnings of this vision – please help us imagine into it! 

What are your values?

Artists help us understand the world we live in. Their contributions to culture have the ability to influence and even transform our society. We believe the most impactful stories about art to be the highly human ones – the ways in which artists’ lives and influences have brought them to the work they’re making today. Emphasizing the person in addition to the process, we seek to craft stories that offer emotional insight and inspiration, highlighting the why and how of contemporary artists’ work through intimate and unpretentious portraits. It takes bravery to commit to creative life, and we strive to present writings about art that are sensitive, insightful, considerate, and equally courageous. 

The Contemporary Art Digest is committed to promoting and supporting diverse and under- represented artists across lines of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, and ability. Through the artists we feature we seek to influence those that follow us toward an increasingly representative, innovative, and radical art diet.

Do you charge artists when you post their work?

We do this unsolicited, with no due for any artist ever featured. 

Can artists apply to have their work featured with the CAD?

In order to maintain our integrity as a curatorial and publishing platform, the CAD does not accept proposals for work. The CAD is continuously reviewing shows, and artists’ work across various platforms to find work that is inspiring and pushing the boundaries of what is contemporary.


What's next for the CAD?

Over the last 6 months The CAD has been working on a series of studio visits to document artists processes, inspiration, and stories. We're excited to release images, video, and text around these visits in the coming months!


So, where do I fit in?

Your participating in our vision means the world to us. Every time you like a post, share an image, tell someone about us, you’re helping us build the art world we dream of. 

We’re also building our team! Do you believe in the CAD’s vision? Do you want to get involved? We’re looking for writers, videographers, and business minded visionaries that want to help us build a sustainable platform. If you’d like to get involved, please email us at